• About us

    Golden Coconut Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and exporting functional products used in eco-friendly construction projects, for erosion control and /or landscaping purposes. Our current partners are leading companies in Korea, Japan and South East Asian countries.

    We have many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying different types of products:
    - Coir net ( hand-made or machine-made type )
    - Coir mat ( all types )
    - Coir tape / coir mattress ( many different sizes )
    - Coir tape / coir mattress ( many different sizes )
    - Coir soil bag ( for agriculture purposes )
    - Coir rope
    - Rubber bar ( Truck butyl / Motorbike butyl / Motorbike natural )
    - Papyrus

    In addition, we are able to conduct researches and develop new products according to customer requirements.
    Our biggest advantages including direct sourcing and on-site manufacturing right in the main supplying coconut area in Ben Tre province, Vietnam together with our skillful workers will ensure our commitment to high product quality and competitive prices, thus, best customer satisfaction.

    We are continuously improving and expanding our manufacturing capacity with more warehouses, factories and co-producers / small suppliers ; update and develop its modern machinery and equipments to have a stable product supply for customers, meet increasing market demand and achieve sustainable growth.

    Our business philosophy is“Trust goes first and long-term partnership follows”..

    Thank you and sincerely yours,

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